How to write IGNOU MBA Project MS 100? (2022)

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Topics of MBA Project for IGNOU

These are ignou mba project topics:

    1. Case Study (Comprehensive) : Encompassing individual organizational problems, multifunctional area problem, analysis as well as recommendation
    2. Inter-organizational Study: Related with inter-organizational study, the management practices and Validation of Theory
    3. Field Study Project Proposal (SYNOPSIS): The Synopsis should cover all the important things, such as the objectives, Research Methodology of the project to be written, instruments to be used, sampling, rational, observation, objective analysis clearly.

Knowing about the IGNOU MS 100 project topics 2022 happens to be the most important thing to know for all MBA students of IGNOU. Well, the project can be on any of the functional area, such as Human Resources Management (HRM), Sales and Marketing, Finance Management, Operations Management, Services Marketing, organizational behavior and the likes. After knowing about the topics, one thing that is very important is to select the topic to write IGNOU MBA Projects MS 100 on. If you want to make projects, just go through the topics and select the one that interests you more, the topic you think that you have good command of, and on which you have a lot of thing to talk about, show your knowledge and understanding.

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IGNOU MBA Project Synopsis

The ignou mba project synopsis ms 100 of the proposed project should essentially have the following:

  1. Introduction, brief background, and Rationale of the topic chosen for the project.
  2. Brief Introduction and vital details of the organization under study
  3. Statement of the problem
  4. Objectives of the Project Synopsis
  5. Research Methodology:
    • Research Design
    • Nature and source of data/information to be collected.
    • Sample and sampling technique. Rationale of chosen organization and the sample.
    • Tools and Techniques to be used for data collection – details of the tools/questionnaire to be used and its relevance with the objectives of the project.
    • Method/s to be used for data collection.
    • Data handling and analysis- organization and analysis of data. Statistical tools to be used for Analysis. Relevance of statistical tools with the objectives of the project.
  6. Future direction for further research (optional).
  7. Any other relevant detail which will help better appreciation and understanding of the project proposal.

How to write IGNOU MBA Project Report?

The ignou ms 100 mba report of the proposed project should essentially have the following:

  1. Title of the Project
  2. Introduction to the study
  3. Review of Literature along with brief details of the organization under study.
  4. Objectives of the Study for project report
  5. Research Methodology:
    • Research Design
    • Nature and Source of data/information collected
    • Sample and Sampling method with rationale
    • Details of the tools:
    • The Questionnaire and other methods used and their purpose
    • Reliability and Validity of the tools used
    • Administration of tools and techniques
    • Data collection
    • Data Handling, Statistical tools used for Data Analysis
  6. Data Interpretation and Findings
  7. Recommendations
  8. Summary and Conclusion
  9. Limitations of the Project
  10. Reference/Bibliography
  11. Annexure/Appendices (Questionnaire used etc.)


When can you submit the IGNOU MBA Project Synopsis?

First of all you have registered in MS-01 to MS-11 then, you are eligible for the IGNOU MBA Project MS 100 Synopsis.

Why you need of IGNOU MBA Project MS 100?

It is compulsory to do the IGNOU MBA MS 100 Project in IGNOU’s MBA, then you will get an MBA degree in IGNOU and IGNOU Project MS 100 is equals to 2 credits/papers.

How to Write IGNOU MBA Project MS 100?

After finalizing the topic, the length of the report along with the words’ limit is the next important thing you should take into consideration. Well, your report should contain 50 to 60 pages double spaced type pages and you should stick your project report to 18,000 words. However, 10 % validation is what you will get from IGNOU. Mind, your project report must explicitly explain the Research Methodology used and an outline of the future research. It is very important thing to take into consideration, if you want to know as to how to write IGNOU MBA Project MS 100. Along with these, the copy of the Project Proposal synopsis and certificate of originality duly signed by both student and supervisor is also important.

Step (1) IGNOU MBA MS 100 Project Synopsis Submission

  • Approval Page
  • CV of Guide
  • Index of Synopsis
  • Synopsis – (8-10) Pages

Step (2) IGNOU MBA MS 100 Project Report Submission

  • Cover page
  • Approval page
  • CV of Guide
  • Approved Synopsis
  • Originality certificate
  • Index of report
  • Report – (70-100) Pages

In the ignou ms 100 mba project report submission in total pages are (50-60) specializations in your MBA streams. Last Date for ignou project ms 100 report submission is 31th May,2022.

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      1. If your IGNOU MBA project report is submitted between 1st December 2021 to 31st May 2022, then your result will be declared along with June Term-end examinations 2022 and ignou ms 100 registration validity is 2 years.
      2. If your IGNOU ms 100 project report is submitted between 1st June 2022 to 30th November 2022, then your result will be declared along with December Term-end examinations 2022 and ignou ms 100 project status is complete.

We provide complete guidelines of MS 100 Project for IGNOU MBA synopsis ms 100. Because we know that IGNOU MBA students have a lack of time because they are in working jobs and IGNOU MBA students do not get much information about ignou project ms 100 mba, so there is no problem We provide complete information on our behalf and all types of content to you need.

Bio-data of the Guide according to IGNOU MBA Project Guidelines

A detailed bio-data of the guide (duly signed, in original, by the guide along with date).  The bio-data of the guide must have the following information in manner:

  1. Name and Date of Birth of the guide.
  2. Full Address and Contact numbers of residence and current work place.
  3. Detailed Educational Qualifications – clearly mentioning the Degrees (with specialization), name and address of the University/Institution and the year of award of degree/qualification, along with percentage of marks obtained.
  4. Detailed work experience, stated clearly in chronological order having details of the designation, period, name and contactable address of the organizations.

Eligible Project Guide

Any MBA degree holder – (Teacher or Any Professionals of Company) having a minimum of 5 years of experience in the relevant area.              
In exceptional cases, a guide with a B.E. degree and 5 years of relevant teaching/professional experience may also be considered. Please note that spouse, direct relatives, and blood relations are not permitted to be the guide.


We are provide complete solutions for ignou mba project synopsis sample pdf and help in IGNOU MBA (MP) PROJECT MS 100 Synopsis and Report in all streams like:-

ignou mba project ms-100 in human resource management

Download Ignou MBA HR Project’s Synopsis Sample

ignou mba project ms-100 for finance management

Download Ignou MBA Finance Project’s Synopsis Sample

 IGNOU MBA Operations Management Project MS 100, Synopsis, Report, Help
Download Ignou MBA Operations Project’s Synopsis Sample

ignou mba project ms-100 for marketing management

Download Ignou MBA Marketing Project’s Synopsis Sample

Some important points for IGNOU MBA Project MS 100:

  1. Make two copies of the project proposal. Send one copy and keep one copy.
  2. On the envelope, write properly MS 100 with the address to The Co-Ordinator (Projects), School of Management Studies, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, 110068.
  3. Include the below mentioned documents while submitting the proposal:
    • Performa for the approval of the project(signed by both student and supervisor)
    • Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae of the Supervisor
    • Synopsis of the Project Report
    • Objective of the Study
    • Mention of the methodologies to be used in carrying out the study
    • Mention of limitations as well if any and the trend of the Future Research

Physical features of the Project Report

  1. Submit the Project Work in original A4 Size (29 x 20 cm) doc
  2. Before the binding of the MBA Project Report make sure that it has all the following:
    • The approved Project Proposal Performa
    • Original approval synopsis
    • Originality Certificate signed by both student and supervisor
    • Mention of “Project Report-MP” to help it getting sorted out
    • You should keep a copy of the submitted Project Report
    • The CV of the supervisor


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